Application process for ecite2014 has started.

Before you start you application please read the bursary text below.
In order to apply, please fill out and submitt this form.


ecite2014 announces applications for bursary places and discounts for people struggling to afford the costs of participation.

We encourage you to apply for funding in your home countries. Email us, and we will be happy to help you with letters of invitation or similar documents to support funding applications.

We have tried to keep participation costs as low as possible; however we want to acknowledge differences in the community, not only between individuals' incomes but also between different European currencies, and different family situations. In order to balance some of these economic differences, we have created several schemes for financial support.

A limited number (3) of bursary places are available by application. Bursary participants pay only 126 EUR, the cost of food for ecite2014, and do a work exchange with Ponderosa the week before the event to support their ecite2014 participation. To apply, please explain in your application your reasons for needing financial support. These places will be awarded to those most in need, with attention to our priorities mentioned above.

A limited number (4) of helping hands, or cleaning support places, are available by application. This will mean a maximum of 1 hour work each day. Helping hands will be responsible for cleaning the studio each morning before the morning activities start and maintaining general cleanliness of the studios (when needed, cleaning before jams or afternoon activities.) These places will have a 40 EUR discount for ecite2014 participation.

We welcome people with kids and would like to support the extra costs that might come along with travelling with kids. Therefore, we have a small budget to support parents with kids. We cannot offer babysitters on site, but we can use this budget to support the accommodation of an extra person. This person could be a partner, family member, or babysitter who comes along to support childcare. We will encourage and help people with kids to communicate with each other to make it easier to share the costs and babysitter, etc. The budget will be spread amongst the applicants, considering the needs and possibilities.

Discounts are available with our ecite2014 crowdfunding scheme. If you are unable to afford the full cost of participation, please write to us. Tell us what price you could afford (be specific) and your reasons for needing financial support. We will try our best to make up the difference using monies from the ecite2014 crowdfund.

Give to the ecite2014 crowdfund! Those who can comfortably afford the cost of participation, or want to support the fund, you can donate a little bit extra! If you want to give to the crowdfund, you will find a section on the application form where you can enter the amount you want to give.
As soon as your participation has been approved and you then register, you will send this money together with your deposit.
Your donation will go directly towards the participation cost of someone needing financial support.