ecite2014 will take place from July 6th to 13th at Ponderosa in Stolzenhagen/Germany, which is situated north-east of Berlin and close to the Polish border.

There is room for +/- 60 participants.

We want ecite2014 to be an event that inspires us. Our focus will be on creative practice and innovation in the fields of: teaching, research, and performance, as well as the overlapping areas between these fields.

In putting together the program, we are looking at what formats will allow depth in our exchange and are relevant to ecite today.

CI is developing: New CI communities are growing in many countries. CI is taught and applied in a variety of contexts from academic settings to festivals to therapeutic situations. Festivals and international workgroups have become important places to meet, learn, practice and exchange. As the number of teachers grows, so do the differences between them, e.g. age, experience, cultural background and focus.

As organisers, we are deeply considering the role of ecite within these developments. We propose a program that includes a broad range of different formats for exchange, from the pre-planned to the spontaneous, with 'open' time for our inspiration to emerge from being together.

Some of these formats are:

- research scores

- study labs

- jams

- one to ones

- talks / discussions

- lectures and lecture demonstrations

- public interviews

- video-presentations of work

- co-teaching

- classes on subjects we are passionately engaged with

- talk'n'rolls / moving discussions

The participation fee for ecite2014 will be 310 EUR per person.
This price includes the conference fee and full board.
Accommodation needs to be paid on top of that:
in your own tent (ca. 13 tents): 45 EUR per person
in the dormitory( 15 places): 80 EUR per person.
More comfortable/private/luxurious accommodation can be booked through Ponderosa directly. For information about this look at their website.

We encourage everyone to check for other funding possibilities and are happy to help you with letters of invitation etc.

There will also be a few bursary / work-exchange places for some of you whose financial situation is especially tight and who cannot obtain the funds for participation through other sources.

Looking forward to meeting you at ecite2014!

Gesine Daniels, Kata Kovacs, Heike Kuhlmann, Mary Pearson, Elske Seidel